How to Use Secret Pinterest Boards for your Handmade Business

If you sell handmade products, you probably have a Pinterest account for your business (if you don’t, you should). You’ve worked hard to curate attractive, helpful, inspiring boards that speak for your brand. But did you know that secret Pinterest boards can help your handmade biz, too?

Secret Pinterest Boards for Handmade Business

First, a brief explanation: your secret boards are located at the bottom of your profile (once you’re signed in). If you’ve never created a secret board, simply click “Create a secret board” to get started! You can pin to your heart’s content, and those who follow you will not see the pins in their feed. If you re-pin from another person’s board(s) onto your secret board, that person will not be alerted.

Now that we’ve mentioned the basics, here are some ways that secret Pinterest boards can boost your handmade business:

Use secret Pinterest boards to drip out content gradually.

To avoid overwhelming your Pinterest followers with multiple pins all at once, pin content throughout the day in a steady stream. You’ve probably heard of tools that allow you to schedule pins, but most of those are paid services. If you’re short on cash, you can drip out pins yourself. Simply pin content to your secret Pinterest board(s) and then set aside some time throughout the day to add those pins to your public boards.

You could name the board “Pin Later” or even put the name of the board you want to pin it to later in the secret board name. For example, “Pin Later – Product Photography.” This will remind you exactly which public board to pin it to later. Pinterest now has a handy Move Pins button on each board, which allows you to move one (or multiple) pins to another board.

If you’re looking for a tool that will schedule pins for you, check out Buffer. Buffer’s addition of Pinterest to its social media scheduling tool is pretty nifty. You will need the Buffer Awesome account to schedule pins (currently $10 per month), but in my opinion, the cost is totally worth it!

Learn more about scheduling pins with Buffer here.

Use secret Pinterest boards to gather inspiration for new products.

Creative entrepreneurs should constantly be gathering inspiration for new products. Color schemes, patterns, prop styling ideas—all of these can provide inspiration or spark a new idea for a product. If you see an idea in a shop window, a magazine, or even on a television show, snap a photo with your smartphone and upload it to your secret board!

I’m not talking about copyright infringement or stealing another person’s ideas — just good old-fashioned inspiration to get your creative wheels turning!

Use secret Pinterest boards to communicate about custom orders.

If you create custom orders, secret boards can come in handy to communicate back and forth with customers. Customers often have particular ideas for the design that they’d like, and what better way to show you their ideas than with images?

Simply create a secret board and invite the customer as a collaborator (you and the customer must be following each other on Pinterest). The customer can upload an image to show you their idea, and you can upload images of the product in progress. Customers love that! Use the pin description area to communicate about the design, request any additions or deletions, etc.

Use secret Pinterest boards to collaborate with an assistant or shop co-owner.

Do you and another person share ownership of an online shop? Maybe you’re across the country from each other or just in the next room. Either way, Pinterest is a great place to gather inspiration for new products and brainstorm new ideas.

Use secret Pinterest boards for product photo inspiration.

You don’t have to look far on the Internet to find helpful articles, videos, and tutorials about product photography. If a product photography board wouldn’t be appropriate on your biz account (for customers to see), keep it secret and use it for your inspiration!

Product Photography on Pinterest

Pin articles and images such as:

Use secret Pinterest boards for wish lists.

Creative entrepreneurs are always looking for tools to improve their business, but not all of those tools are cheap (or free)! Save links or screenshots of websites that you come across and purchase a tool here and there as you are able. This way, you won’t forget about those awesome tools you’ve discovered.

Some ideas:

  • ebooks or books
  • training courses
  • website plug-ins
  • software
  • free-lancers who can create new graphics for your biz

Use secret Pinterest boards for branding ideas.

Pinterest is a great place to find design inspiration, but you won’t want the public to see your ideas before you launch them!

Some ideas to pin to secret boards:

  • website design
  • logo design
  • business cards
  • craft fair ideas

Use secret Pinterest boards for product packaging ideas.

Packaging ideas abound on Pinterest! Search for terms such as:

  • parties
  • gifts
  • gift wrap
  • product packaging
  • package inserts
  • teacher appreciation gifts

Use secret Pinterest boards to curate content to share later on social media.

I’ve found so many helpful articles and tips via Pinterest! Create a secret board to curate those posts, and then drip them out to your social media outlets from time to time. Your followers love to read articles that you’ve discovered. As mentioned earlier, Buffer is a great tool to schedule social media posts to drip out during the day.



Do you use secret Pinterest boards for your business? What other ideas would you add to this post? Do tell.

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