Great Product Photography – Beau Tie UK

Get ready to be wowed by the product photography in today’s featured Etsy shop!

Product Photography - Beau Tie UK Etsy

Here’s why the product photography in the Beau Tie UK shop is great:

  • Consistent backgrounds allow the variety in the fabrics to stand out.
  • Similar products are angled at similar angles to help customers easily pick their fabric preference.
  • The tag in the product photos is a clever way to “watermark” the photos with the shop branding without putting a watermark on top of the photo.
  • At least one product photo in each listing displays the product packaging, which helps customers envision how the product would look as a gift.

Visit the Beau Tie UK Etsy shop if you’re in the market for a tie, pocket square, or gift for a friend or loved one. While you’re there, I’m guessing that you’ll be inspired by the wonderful product photography!

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P.S. If there’s a pooch in your life, you need to check out Emma’s other Etsy shop, Dog & Beau, where she sells bow ties and bandanas for dogs! So cute!

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