How to Write Irresistible Product Descriptions

Write Product Descriptions
Want to write product descriptions that will sell more products?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

This FREE 7-day training course gives step-by-step tips for writing irresistible product descriptions (including examples). If you sell products online, you know how important the product description is, right?

Customers have a short attention span: You must:

1) Catch their attention
2) Describe the details of your product
3) Convince them that they need your product

This concept applies to any product that you might sell online, and every product needs a powerful product description.

The lessons in this course are short and easy-to-understand. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to write product descriptions that attract more customers and increase your profits! The course is free, it’s easy, and it works! 

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Here is just a sample of what students are saying about the Product Descriptions e-course:

“Because of this fun and engaging process, I have made my first sale in over 2 months, just 2 days after the e-course!” ~~ Melissa Arnold of Sahetahs Jewelry

Writing product descriptions totally overwhelmed me until I got this free 7-day course. I am so proud of the game I designed, but I struggled with how to word it so that it sounded interesting to others. Now I am excited to share my product with others. Thanks for helping me find the right words for my product!” ~~ Adrianne of

“Inspiring tips in a cool format. This mini-course put the fun back into my product description writing sessions!” ~~ Charlotte

“Wonderful course! Simply written and so informative. It really got me thinking about my product descriptions and how to jazz them up!” ~~ Melinda of Here We Go Loopy Lou

This course helped me take my product descriptions from dull to great. Now, instead of staring at a blank screen, I know where to begin and what to include. Thanks!” ~~ Jodi of Off the Wall Painting

“With Julie’s help, I now have a roadmap to make my products stand out.” ~~ Della of Bad Art

“This course has been a HUGE help! I have been selling full time online for almost two years, and I can’t tell you how much this course has made me think about the descriptions of my items. I’m now going to re-write all of my descriptions!! Thank you so much!!!” ~~ Kristine of Kiki’s Things

“I definitely recommend Julie’s e-course, as the lessons are easy to follow compared to the other writing lessons I have found online where the teaching is quite general.” ~~ Melysa of Carbrinice Art

“This e-course took what I already knew, broke it down, and helped me get more detailed and confident in my sales pitch.” ~~ Alex of Sagi Creations

On the Dot Creations has really helped us launch our brand with a clear image and product direction. Not only for online, but for wholesale items too. Thank you!” ~~ Andre of B Square Clothing

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